Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh Bother..........

I can never seem to keep up with posting can I? Sorry once again about the great delay.

Anyway, I have decided to dedicate this post to all of my wonderful friends, you are all very much like sisters to me (some of you are even sisters. :)

Thank you for.....

first of all being faithful readers of my very boring blog :)

sharing with me many memories of the great times we have had together

being willing to look dorky in front of everyone with me

being willing to dance with me when there was no one else........even being willing to do the guys part :)

always being there for me

always being willing to listen, even if it is boring to you

sharing with me many great movies :)

the little posts and comments you leave.......they are all so encouraging and fun to read :)

being willing to let me vent over my stupid homework problems

encouraging me to accept your compliments...........Leah, even though I may have done it grudgingly I really am have made me feel better about myself :)

not getting mad at me for falling asleep in the middle of a conversation during a sleepover....I really am sorry about that....

sharing with me the pains of braces :)

helping me with my homework

sharing blankets with me on cold SCA days

playing beautiful music on the brightens my day

talking with me about certain teachers.......

not making fun of me for liking or disliking certain people

being forgiving

sharing with me good books

sharing with me your favorite verses

And most importantly sharing with me your faith

The list goes on and on.....

I love you all very much and I want to let you know that you all mean so much to me. I thank the Lord that he has blessed me with such friends. I only hope and pray that as the years go by we will become closer to each other as we grow in the Lord.

Once again thank you so much you all are wonderful people and I love you.