Saturday, March 15, 2008

Of Toilet Paper, and Laundry..............

Hello All!!!

I am so excited I can actually feel spring coming!!! Yay!!!

I am posting cause I actually have something to post. :o)

I have decided to share with you all a story........... It is (sadly) a true story that took place in my home just yesterday, but lets start in the beginning.

It was a sunny March day and Moriah was doing some chores for her sweet Mother, when one of her chores took her to the laundry room cabinet (which is located just above the washer and dryer) her task was to put something away in this cabinet. And so, as she is opening the door something rolls out and falls into the washer, and not really noticing, she continues her job in the cabinet. Once the task has been completed and she is leaving the room, she glances at what ever fell and finds out that it was a roll of toilet paper (why it was is that cabinet still boggles her) that fell into the washer. "Well" thought Moriah, "I had better get that out of there! Wouldn't that be a disaster if that got washed!" Well, later that afternoon Addie was checking on a load of darks she had put in the washer earlier, and she noticed that the clothes still had suds on them, so she rinsed them again. Later that night as she was checking them again she realized that, that it was not suds on the clothes, but lent, and LOTS of it!!! So she called her dear sister Moriah in to see if she happened to have put something in one of the pockets of her clothes that may have gotten over everything else. When Moriah came into the room and saw the shirt that Addie was holding up she just sat there and stared.........The shirt that at one time was black, now looked almost white because of the lent. Then Moriah just started laughing, which in turn made Addie laugh which drew the attention of Beth and Haley and they had to come over and look at the item that was causing such laughter, and then they started to laugh. Why they were laughing, other than the fact that the shirt looked completely ridiculous, they had no idea. Well, after she caught her breath, Moriah told them the story of the toilet paper falling into the washer, just then realizing that she must have forgotten to take the roll out of the washer. This caused even more laughter, which continued as each item, completely covered in wet shredded toilet paper, was taken out of the washer and placed in the dryer. (they were hoping that the dryer would take some of the lent off) Well, the dryer did help, but sadly, when the clothes were taken out they still had lent on them.
I wish that I could give this story a happy ending. But as of now the story is not done yet, the clothes are still sitting in the basket, waiting until Mother dear gets home to give directions on what to do next.
In the meantime, I think that I am going to leave all jobs that have to do with the laundry room cabinet to one of my sisters :)

Well, I better go, Chemistry is calling me........

Have a great Weekend!!!!



BamFam said...

So let me get this straight, you:
1) saw something fall into the washing machine
2) investigated further and found that it was (oddly) a roll of toilet paper that fell into the washing machine
3) determined that a roll of toilet paper does not belong in the washing machine
4) purposed to remove said toilet paper from the washing machine
5) did not remove the toilet paper from the washing machine



Your Bro' B

Janae said...

To Brother B who is my son,

Now we know it is true.

She really is a blonde!!

or just a conscientous daughter making sure that we have santized toilet paper!!

What next??

the mom

Janae said...

lol,that is very very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rya said...

Yeah Brandon, you pretty much got it straight :)

You see Mom I was looking out for the good of our family :) You know helping with the "spring cleaning" :)

Jan, you are such a goof but i love you anyway!!:)


Me, Myself, and I said...

I was laughing so hard when you told me this over the phone!!! haha, Moriah, I just adore you! You crack me up! :)

Margie said...

That really is quite funny. I really laughed, even though you had already told me. Hopefully that never happens again. Just be careful when getting stuff out of the laundry room! Who knows, next time it just might be a roll of paper towels???????

Jan said...

i like that margie that is very funny!!


Mel & Abby said...

Haha! I don't think you ever told me about that! That's great. Soo funny! I love you RYa! :o) See you Sunday!

Jen said...

Haha! RYa that is such a funny story!

I'll see ya on sunyday!