Thursday, January 8, 2009

And you all thought I was dead....

Well its been a long, long time and I am finally posting! :D

In the past three to four months lots has happened so I'll just sum it up: In September I started school. I am taking Apologetics, Physics, Algebra, Health, Greek Reading, and World History. They are quite interesting subjects, and for the most part I am enjoying them. :) Volleyball started and ended :) ...we had a pretty good season. We also finally finished the Great Wall of China:)..not really. Just the wall be bulit for my Grandma (i mentioned it last post I think)
Mom, Dad, and Jan went to Australia in November to visit my brother and his family. In December We had my Dad's extended family over for three days for Christmas. We had a great time!!! I also was able to go to a youth conference for four days which was great fun!!! (picutures below) :D Addie and I bought tickets to go to Australia in April. I am so excited!!!! :D We are planning to stay there for 7 weeks with Brandon and Megan and their three kids. I can't wait!!!

So there is all the big stuff going on in my life right now.

here are some pictures from the past few months.
Addie and Abby on the day before school started
The night before school started we went bowling :)

Bowling fun :D
At Winter Conferece for a game I had to be duct taped to a wall :)
At Winter Conferece on our way to the ropes course
My WONDERFUL roomates :D We had some great times!!!

There was a theme dinner one night at WC the theme was 70's
Addie went as 70's basketball player and Leah and I went as her cheerleaders
More pictures from the dinner. Here is Rachel, me, Abby, and Leah
Welp, Thats all for now folks :)

I promise that I will try to make sure that I post more regularily :)

Hope you all have a fabulous Day!!!



Margie said...

I am glad that you are going to go to Australia. Will you have a layover at LAX? If you do maybe we could come up there for awhile.

Janae said...

cool you posted I am going to die when you leave for Australia and miss you the second you leave!!!

Janny Wanny

Mel and Abby said...


You posted! I just did too..although just pictures. :) Man...we've had some good times recently!! Oh yeah! Haha...I loved all the pictures!!! Love you tons!

Janae said...

I still think you are DEAD:D

Janae said...

I still think you are DEAD:D

Jenna said...

i am starting to think you are dying

Jenna said...

well hate to break it to you RYa but i think your dead

Jenna said...

You're dead

Janae Ellen Fisher said...

You are really DEAD!!

Janae Ellen Fisher said...

This is just sad! This sister of mine has not posted for 2 years! haha! <3 But i still love her!